The 100

All the shows I like to watch are done for the season! Summer, the loneliest tv time of the year. I was especially missing Game of Thrones and Jon Snow last weekend. They won't be back in what? Forever? It feels like it.







Could anyone be more beautiful or more sad?


Uh, apparently yes.





Bellamy Blake, from the CW's The 100

I really wanted to watch something new (even I can only take so many Supernatural reruns) so nerded around the internet and found my new favorite show.
I’ve always believed there’s no drama like a teen drama, and this one also has Space, post-nuclear decimated earth, strong female characters, lots of redemption but also some straight up jerks, an adorable sibling relationship and some really good acting. I actually cried a couple times. Not exactly ‘Terms of Endearment saying goodbye to the kids’ crying, but at least ‘Walking Dead Sophia comes out of the barn’ crying.
And there’s almost as much killing as Game of Thrones. There’s so much killing. That boy up there is responsible for a good lot of it, but we forgive him because his face.
It just ended and won’t be back until October! And the cliffhanger it ended on! Agh, I watched it all in one weekend like a dummy, so now I’m back to having no shows. If you watch this show and want to geekily obsess, please feel free. I almost want to start writing fanfic about it, but it would probably just end up with me making Bellamy a panini and pushing his hair off his face while telling him not to worry so much. Whatever, don’t judge.
Tell me what to watch next, if you have a favorite!


8 thoughts on “The 100

  1. I know its a British series but did you get to watch Peaky Blinders set in the 1920’s, Cillian Murphy is seriously amazing in it.

    Let me know what you think, tip first episode is a slow burner….

    When’s the next book coming out just read all five books in about four days! They’re great!

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