Finally Facebook, and a new cover!

It took me waaaaay too long to set up! I’d love it if you liked me 🙂

To Facebook!

My angel friend R. Jean Wilson made me the pretty banner for it, so like her too, while you’re there!

And now … Drum roll …

A racy, awesome new cover for Lost Highlander! I did love the old one, but this one is delish. At least, I hope you’ll think so. It should be live at Amazon any minute.  Right now I’m polishing up the sequel. Soon! Thanks for writing and leaving reviews, I truly appreciate it.

Lost Highlander


6 thoughts on “Finally Facebook, and a new cover!

  1. Cassidy,
    PLEASE hurry with the sequel! I’m desperately waiting. Your book is one of my most favorite time travel books!

    • Hey Angela! Yes, I’m working on it. I should be able to post a link soon, the first attempt ended in tears. If you want to email me at cassidycayman (at) I can send it to you. 🙂

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