The 100

All the shows I like to watch are done for the season! Summer, the loneliest tv time of the year. I was especially missing Game of Thrones and Jon Snow last weekend. They won't be back in what? Forever? It feels like it.







Could anyone be more beautiful or more sad?


Uh, apparently yes.





Bellamy Blake, from the CW's The 100

I really wanted to watch something new (even I can only take so many Supernatural reruns) so nerded around the internet and found my new favorite show.
I’ve always believed there’s no drama like a teen drama, and this one also has Space, post-nuclear decimated earth, strong female characters, lots of redemption but also some straight up jerks, an adorable sibling relationship and some really good acting. I actually cried a couple times. Not exactly ‘Terms of Endearment saying goodbye to the kids’ crying, but at least ‘Walking Dead Sophia comes out of the barn’ crying.
And there’s almost as much killing as Game of Thrones. There’s so much killing. That boy up there is responsible for a good lot of it, but we forgive him because his face.
It just ended and won’t be back until October! And the cliffhanger it ended on! Agh, I watched it all in one weekend like a dummy, so now I’m back to having no shows. If you watch this show and want to geekily obsess, please feel free. I almost want to start writing fanfic about it, but it would probably just end up with me making Bellamy a panini and pushing his hair off his face while telling him not to worry so much. Whatever, don’t judge.
Tell me what to watch next, if you have a favorite!



Reckoning cover

Finally! Book four of the Lost Highlander series is live!!
Here’s the blurb:
Piper’s been torn from Lachlan and believes him gone for good. Possessed by Daria’s spirit, she’s plagued by nightmares and fears she may be dangerous to those she loves.

When she discovers a surprising family secret, she sets out to free herself and avenge her lost love.

Lachlan’s trapped in the eighteenth century, trying to a lead a clan that mostly wants him dead.
All he wants is to find Piper, but first he has to set history back on its proper course.

All except the part where he ends up in the family crypt.

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xoxox 🙂

Sam & Evie, 6 Book Box Set

You may have noticed, Sam and Evie is live!

Sam and Evie cover














The cover is so dreamy, don’t you think?
On Amazon
On B&N

Big news! The Big Book of Time Travel Romance is available too!
Big Book of Time Travel Romance













Six full length time travel romances all in one big book! You get all these amazing authors:
Sarah Woodbury, Me (hehe), Ranay James, Angeline Fortin, Monique Martin, and E.B. Brown!
And it’s only 99 cents! Snap it up!
Available on Amazon only right now, I’ll let you know when it’s on the other sites.
On Amazon
PS, please leave a review for the box set if you love one or all of these books! Much appreciated!

Right now I’m getting Lost Highlander 4 finished up, still going back and forth over a name, but I’ll post as soon as it’s decided. Please keep the wonderful words of encouragement and whip cracking coming, it really helps.
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xoxo and thank you for the continued support!

New Year’s Giveaway and sizzling new author!

This’ll be my first time ever to participate in a giveaway and it is massive. If you win, you’ll be set for quite a while with some spicy new reads!

Click here for the rafflecopter to be entered to win over 40 Kindle books!!
Giant Giveaway









Now, I also want to introduce you to my best writing friend! She has a brand new book and it is as hot as Lachlan’s smoldering gaze. I was super lucky that she let me have an advanced reader copy. I loved it! Go check it out!

Behind His Lens

Behind His Lens

Getting close…

To the big holiday at the end of the year. And guess what? I haven’t done a lick of shopping yet. Hahaha. Except with tears.

I decided to keep Reunited on sale until after Christmas! So, snap it up!

Anyway, I thought I’d let you know what I’ve been reading right now. I like to have a few kettles on to boil at once, reading wise, if that makes any sense at all!

 1. The Governess Affair is free! I’m about halfway through and like it! I think it’s a series, and I think I will continue it.

 2. The Legend of the Bloodstone. I’m really enjoying it so far! It’s another time travel romance set in early American times.

 3. This is the last book of a YA trilogy called Matched. I am in love with it! It’s breaking my heart and I don’t want it to end so I’m reading it very slowly.

I guess I better get to work now 🙂 Let me know what you’re reading! Are you all over the place?

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A few more days on sale.

Lost Highlander Reunited

Reunited will be on sale for .99 just a few more days!

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Stay warm and try not to stress about the holidays! I don’t even have a tree yet!